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Main Street, Great Bend, KS

Heart of Kansas, Miss Pretty Pickles and Perk’s.  Three My Town Stores on Main Street in downtown Great Bend.

Welcome to My Town!  Our vision is the revitalization of downtown Great Bend.  We are not only attracting business, but also a talented workforce to our local economy.  We continue with our vision to transform downtown Great Bend into an appealing attraction which will help retain youth and attract young families to our area.

We have accomplished much of our vision already.  My Town has owned and operated several businesses for over five years downtown.  Over $1.4 million has been invested in real estate and renovations.  Sales continue to increase year after year.  We have worked with local leadership to transition to more customer friendly parking downtown.

There is still more to do!  Our next phase includes business incubation and a white tablecloth restaurant, all steadily moving from conception to reality!

Hear what other business owners have to say about the My Town project.

We picked downtown Great Bend, Kansas as a prime location to start our retail business because of the synergy around the My Town project.  We feel like the downtown area is headed in a good direction – the right direction.
Sam Hayson, Rana Luna Boutique

Retail businesses are not so much competitors as they are co-conspirators, especially in a downtown setting. We all benefit from the draw created by the other businesses and the My Town stores have significantly increased downtown foot traffic.
Bruce Hofeling, Brown’s Shoe Fit

Our family-owned business has been in downtown for over 50 years. The value of doing business in this location has increased substantially since the MyTown Stores opened. Going downtown no longer seems out of the way for our customers. It’s a destination.
Kenny Vink, Office Products, Inc.